• The CGHS Card  once issued by the CGHS Head Office is valid for the period for which is specified on the Card.
  • In the case of card holders from superannuating from the BSNL the card is valid for a period of six (6) months only, after which it has to be renewed by paying the requisite current contribution for six months at a time.
  • For those individuals of the Postal department who did not avail of CGHS benefits during their service the card can only be issued on an annual basis and has to be renewed periodically.
  • In case of the earstwhile P&T retirees prior to 1997 they are eligible for permanent cards like all other departments.
  • In case the individual pays up the contribution amount for 120 months the Card Becomes a Permanent one and eligible for the lifetime of the card holder and bonafide dependants.
  • Sons and daughters become ineligible for CGHS benefits once they are Married or start earning as per the limit set (>3500/month). (Ministry's order No: 4-24/96-C&P/CGHS/CGHS (P) dt 31.5.2007 the age limit for dependents, as indicated below:
  • (i) Son Till he starts earning or attains the age of 25 years, whichever is earlier.
  • (ii) Daughter Till she starts earning or gets married, irrespective of the age limit, whichever is earlier.
  • (iii) Son suffering from any permanent disability of any kind (physical or mental) Irrespective of age limit.
  • (iv) Dependent divorced / abandoned or separated from their husband / widowed daughters and dependent unmarried / divorced / abandoned or separated from their husband / widowed sisters Irrespective of age limit.
  • (v) Minor brother(s) Upto the age of becoming a major.


The other conditions of dependency and normally residing with the Government servant / pensioner will remain the same.) The required dependency certificate for daughters beyond 25 yrs has to be submitted annually..

    • The responsibility of removing deleting the names of ineligible dependants is on the card holder. If at any time the information provided is found to be incorrect the card holder is liable for action.
    • A Demand Draft from a “Scheduled Bank” only for the required amount has to be drawn in favour of the “Additional Director” payable in Bangalore.
    • In case there is a delay in renewing the Card  within 30 days of expiry of its validity the individual has to pay an additional readmission fee of Rs 30 by way of the demand draft along with the contribution or seperately.
    • Whenever there is a gap in contribution towards CGHS by beneficiaries who were contributing at the old rates the new rates shall come into force.